China takes in refugees from Kokang fighting

04 March 2015
China takes in refugees from Kokang fighting
People carry their belongings as they flee the Kokang capital Laukkai, northern Shan State, Myanmar, February 17, 2015. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

China has set up temporary settlements to relocate about 14,000 Myanmar border inhabitants who have fled to Yunnan Province following armed conflict in the Kokang region of Myanmar since early February, reports Xinhua on March 3.
According to a statement from the information office of Yunnan's Lincang City government, the authorities are also providing food, medical and quarantine services to the Myanmar nationals.
Myanmar residents have made more than 60,000 cross-border trips for safety reasons since the armed conflicts broke out, the statement issued on March 2 says. Border security is reported to have been tightened and the local Chinese authorities claim no Chinese citizens are involved in the Kokang armed conflict.
Fighting is reported to be continuing between the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and Myanmar government forces since it first broke out on February 9.