Commemorative Mahatma Gandhi postage stamp released

03 October 2019
Commemorative Mahatma Gandhi postage stamp released

The following is the Indian Consul General’s Speech on 2nd October, 2019 on the release of a commemorative postal stamp in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary.

“On behalf of the Indian Consulate a very warm welcome to all of you.  Thank you for being present here to celebrate the release of a commemorative postage stamp on Mahatma Gandhi in commemoration of his 150th Birth Anniversary.  This is being simultaneously done at 0930 hrs today in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay General Post Offices.  On behalf of the Consulate, I am extremely thankful to the Government of Myanmar (Myanmar General Post Office) for this gesture and taking this initiative.

Mahatma Gandhi visited Burma in 1902, 1915 and 1929 and travelled through Yangon, Mandalay & Moulmein, the capital of Mon state; his visits to Burma had made a lasting impression on him as they became the inspiration for him to shape his views on various issues like nationalism, women’s rights etc. He is a global icon of peace, truth and non-violence. His thoughts on truth, non-violence,  unity, human values, empowerment of women’s rights, cleanliness, peace, tolerance, simple living, poverty alleviation, Buddha’s teachings, social harmony,  building self-sufficient communities (Gram Swaraj), need for removing social evils through social reform, environment  etc  must be followed by all; these are relevant for all times and he stands an example for entire humanity across the globe; everywhere across the continents, he is mentioned, cherished and remembered as an icon for all humanity. He represented the entire humanity, not just India. Mahatma means great. His life is a message as he himself said: My life is a message. and it has relevance at all times particularly today when the world is facing the issues of inequality, injustice, social ills, terrorism, climate change, economic inequality, socio-economic deprivation    and so on. For him the power of Ahinsa – Non-violence was greater than the power of hinsa- violence.; he just did not lead our freedom struggle but he wanted to empower the poorest of the poor, educate the uneducated, ensure the right to dignified life and livelihood for every individual; poorest should have an effective voice where there will be no high class and low class; where all communities shall live in perfect harmony and where women will enjoy the same rights as men. These were the great ideals/thoughts/principles.

It’s a great occasion to remind all of us of the ideals that he strived to achieve in his life. The people have to imbibe the values that Mahatma Gandhi steadfastly imbibed for creating a just and harmonious society. His legacy will last for generations to come.

By releasing this stamp today, we remember him and take pledge to spread and follow his ideals/ thoughts on peace, truth, non-violence, unity, cleanliness, equality, justice, communal harmony etc all around the globe. This will certainly lead us- the people of Myanmar, India and the globe to better life, peace, prosperity, happiness and brotherhood. Once again, I would like to thank Myanmar Postal Department for organizing this event.”