Refugee repatriation from Thailand continues

03 July 2019
Refugee repatriation from Thailand continues
Kayah State Chief Minister U L Paung Sho welcomes Myanmar Nationals from Thailand on 2 July 2019. Photo: MNA

The second day of repatriation of the fourth batch of Myanmar nationals from Thailand on 2 July 2019, saw 32 verified Myanmar nationals from Ban Nai Soi welcomed by the Chief Minister of Kayah State Government at the Maese Gate in Kayah State, state media reported.

In addition, two Myanmar nationals from Tham Hin camp were welcomed by the repatriation committee Members from the Taninthayi Regional Government at Hteekhee Gate in Taninthayi Region. Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Myanmar in Thailand, Daw Ei Ei Tin and Consul-General of the Myanmar Consulate in Chiang Mai, U Thein Tin also attended the hand-over ceremonies.

The relevant Ministries and the Repatriation Committees of State and Regional Governments arranged transportation for the returnees to reach their homes and provided them with humanitarian and financial assistance, the report said.