Road accident on Myanmar’s Asia Highway kills 19

04 January 2020
Road accident on Myanmar’s Asia Highway kills 19
Photo: Myanmar Fire Services Department

A road accident on the Asia Highway near the Myanmar-Thailand border in which two vehicles collided reportedly killed 19 people.

House of Representatives MP from Kawkareik constituency Soe Htay said, “Toyota Pro box passenger vehicle and an express bus collided and then Pro box car first fell into the gorge and then the commercial vehicle fell too. We cannot yet confirm which express bus was in this accident. We are now doing search and rescue work. The death toll in this accident has reached 18 so far. Some are injured in this accident.”

It is learned that Toyota Pro Box passenger car and Express bus collided on Asia Highway between mile posts 158 and 159 on January 3 at about 10 a.m. and then both vehicles fell into the gorge and killed the passengers in these vehicles.

Two fire tenders from Myawady Fire Services Department, one search and rescue vehicle from Thingannyinaung Fire Services Department and one search and rescue vehicle from Kawkareik Fire Services Department rushed to the accident site with 35 firefighters, the statement issued by Myanmar Fire Services Department says.

According to the preliminary news release issued by Myanmar Fire Services, two male and five females travelling in Toyota Pro Box passenger vehicle were killed there are total casualties of 35 in Express bus of which 15 were killed and 10 were injured.

The final death toll going to press was 19 people killed in the accident.