Thursday, November 19 2015

The Russian engineered iron metallurgical plant in Shan State’s Pang Pet Iron ore mine has reached its first stage of completion.

Wednesday, November 18 2015

APR Energy plc, a global leader in fast-track power solutions, announced today that its 102MW project in Myanmar has been extended through ...

Thursday, November 12 2015

Thirty-five local and international organizations have joined forces to make this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) ...

Monday, November 2 2015

Thai businesses should take a more aggressive approach to penetrating Myanmar before other investors get too far ahead, ...

Monday, November 2 2015

Hotels, harbours or mines, Myanmar's big-ticket industries are still in the grip of military-linked tycoons, who will remain ...

Sunday, November 1 2015

A husband and wife moving team launched their company in Myanmar this year with the aim of offering a stress-free transfer from old homes to new.

Wednesday, October 28 2015

Index Creative Village Plc, the country's largest event organiser, will form a joint venture with two foreign partners to ...

Myanmar's oil and gas sector needs more innovations, say experts. Photo: EPA
Tuesday, October 27 2015

A new report reveals that whilst the current environment is creating opportunities for innovation, almost half of oil and gas ...

USDP members campaigning for their party's upcoming election in townships in Mandalay on 27 October 2015. Photo: Bo Bo/Mizzima
Tuesday, October 27 2015

Myanmar could face months of negotiating between political parties and groups after the November 8 elections before ...

An aerial picture made available on 10 May 2013 shows palm oil plantations in Indragiri Hulu, Riau province, Indonesia, 04 May 2013. Photo: Bagus Indahono/EPA
Tuesday, October 27 2015

Myanmar imported 400,000 tons of palm oil annually to fill demand of edible oil as an alternative, according to a Xinhua report on October 25. 


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