China-Myanmar gas power plant to ease electricity shortages in Yangon by year-end

Screenshot image: CNC

A China-Myanmar joint venture gas power plant, Thaketa, will be able to start to supply electricity to Yangon city and the region by the end of this year and can ease the electricity shortages to some extent which Yangon is faced with, Xinhua reported, quoting a high project official.

General Manager of the Thaketa gas power plant Dong Fan told Chinese ambassador Hong Liang and his entourage, who visited the workers engaged in the project, that the project will reach 72 megawatts' (mw) installed capacity by this year-end and will add another 34 mw in February 2018 to complete the first phase of the project.

Hong urged the workers to do well with the project which lies in Thaketa township, 16 kilometers east of Yangon and 25.6 km away from the Thilawa Special Economic Zone .

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