Fujitsu conducts ICT training for Myanmar government employees

18 January 2017
Fujitsu conducts ICT training for Myanmar government employees

Fujitsu yesterday announced that it is conducting training for employees from across all 22 departments of Myanmar's government in order to contribute to stronger information and communication technology capabilities in the country.
Taking place in Myanmar, the training began on January 16, and is being provided in two rounds over a total of 10 days. The training will instruct 38 government employees, selected from across all departments. Topics covered will include formulating information strategy for e-government, basic ICT training in such areas as networks and cybersecurity, as well as the cloud systems that support them, and practical methods for developing systems. In addition, in the practice sessions that will be conducted during the training period, the participating employees will learn the processes necessary to resolve ICT issues discovered in each workplace, and set action plans for their own organizations.
Through these efforts, the employees participating in the training will gain the basic capabilities necessary to become the future ICT leaders of each department, and take responsibility for promoting e-government and information security, Fujitsu said in a statement.
Fujitsu was entrusted to perform this training by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as part of its Research Investigation Related to Offering Japanese Experience and Knowledge about ICT Human Resource Development to the Union Government of Myanmar.