Myingyan Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant begins feeding 143MW to National Grid

Myingyan Natural Gas Power Plant Project. Photo: IFI Watch Myanmar

The Myingyan Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant has begun distributing 143 megawatts (MW) to the National Grid, according to a report on January 4 in the Myawady Daily.

The Sembcorp Minygyan Power Company Limited has signed a build-operate-transfer (BOT) agreement with the Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar for its upcoming 225-megawatt power project in Mandalay. Under the agreement, Sembcorp Minygyan Power Company will build and operate the power plant for 22 years, after which the facility will be transferred to the Myanmar government.

The plant will be built with two high-efficiency gas turbines and waste heat generators, which will generate a capacity of 225 MW. In the first phase, the Myingyan Power Plant will distribute 143 MW to the National Grid. After the completion of the gas turbine project, the Sembcorp factory began operating the turbine last week.

Starting January 1, two gas turbines began generating power regularly, said Dr. Tun Naing, deputy minister for Electricity and Energy.

The Myingyan Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant project was begun on March 29, 2016. The Sembcorp Myingyan Power Project become one of Myanmar’s largest gas-fired power plants, and will play a key role in meeting the country’s growing demand for electricity.

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