New education partnership for Mandalay

25 February 2017
New education partnership for Mandalay
Chairman & CEO of Shenton Education Group Mr. Teng Cheong Thye, President of Mandalay YMCA U Kenneth Khin Maung Myint and members of Mandalay YMCA Executive Committee affirming the SMY Partnership agreement. Photo: Temasek International College

Shenton Education Group and Mandalay YMCA signed a comprehensive and exclusive partnership on 20th February, to jointly operate all types of schools in Mandalay city.
Both parties share the common vision to promote quality education and contribute towards human capital development in Central Myanmar. By working together, they are confident of becoming the preeminent education service provider in Mandalay.
The partnership is named SMY, where "S" stands for Shenton and "MY" stands for Mandalay YMCA. Our partnership will launch SMY International College and SMY Kindergarten in May this year.
SMY International College and the first SMY Kindergarten will be located at the old Myoma Church compound, one of the YMCA branch offices, at the cornerof 82 and 37 Streets in Mandalay. The partnership plans to set up kindergartens in other parts of the city under the SMY brand name.
SMY International College will offer similar programmes currently run by the Shenton Education Group at both TIC (Temasek International College) and SIAF (Shenton Institute of Applied Finance) in Yangon, as well as new programmes to be introduced by the group later.
SMY Kindergarten will be managed by Temasek Academy, a JV between the Shenton Education Group and The Learning Grid, a preschool content developer from Singapore.
It will incorporate proprietary curriculum developed by The Learning Grid that is designed to help young children to develop their imagination and creativity.