Yangon Stock Exchange to begin trading early December

14 October 2015
Yangon Stock Exchange to begin trading early December

The Yangon Stock Exchange will begin trading in early December, according to Myanmar’s deputy finance minister, the Wall Street Journal reported on 13 October.
The stock exchange was originally expected to open this month, but that was postponed until after national elections set for 8 November. Despite the political uncertainty, the deputy finance minister said he is confident the launch of the stock exchange won’t be derailed.
Myanmar has been slowly moving from a centrally planned to a market economy since the former military junta stepped down in 2010.
The government will announce a list of around 10 companies that will be listed and their scheduled initial public offering dates when the exchange is launched, the deputy minister said. The ministry is now reviewing about 200 companies, with those chosen most likely to come from industries such as power generation, transportation and agriculture.