Checking Voters’ list before 27 September is as important as voting

A group of prominent artists have put forward the message that it is as important to check the voters’ lists as it is to vote on Election Day.

Speaking at a “Check Voters’ List” campaign in Innwa Taung Ngu room at the Shangri-La Hotel in Yangon on 20 September in front of assembled media and local dignitaries, they asked the media to urge the public to check the voters’ list to make it correct so that they can vote to create a better future for the country.

U Pe Myint, a prominent writer, said, “Chairman Mao of China once said political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. It did happen like this in China and in Myanmar. So, if one say it is a transition, then it should be a shift from “Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun” to “Political power comes out from the vote cards in the vote box. Those vote cards should also come from the true will of the people.”
“To become a more transparent nation, we must check the voters’ list.” veteran singer Kaw Ni said, “I want rural people to know the importance of checking voters’ list and also voting on Election Day. So let’s vote together. Let’s think about voting [and] who will make change happen.”

U Pe Myint concurred, “I would like to say elections begin today. Checking the voters’ list is the same as voting because if you do not check the voters’ list, it is not sure if you can vote on Election Day.”

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