‘Army has accepted civilian control’

11 August 2017
‘Army has accepted civilian control’
Colonel Aung Myint Oo (C) Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

A senior military official from the National Defence College said on Friday that the Myanmar army has accepted civilian control.
"Soldiers are part of our society. The army is upholding the interests of the nation," said Colonel Aung Myint Oo, who heads the national and international affairs department in the National Defence College. 
"We have accepted the principle of civilian control." 
Addressing the last session of the Forum on Myanmar's Democratic Transition on Friday, Colonel Aung Myint Oo stressed 'stability, security and prosperity' as core values for the nation. 
Earlier, Professor Aurel Croissant from Germany's Heidelberg University pointed to the dramatic drop in military regimes across the world.
"The end of military rule in Myanmar reflects a global scenario," he said.
But both Croissant and Indonesia's former lieutenant general Agus Widjojo observed that ' retribution is better avoided'.
Croissant said wherever an emerging democratic regime has tried to pull up the military for all that it did when in power, "it has not worked." 
Widjojo pointed to the similarities between the Indonesian and Myanmar situations.
"The army is meant to defend the country against external threats. It is best to keep it out of domestic crisis control."
National League for Democracy MP U Lwin Ko Latt, moderating the last session of the day of the three-day forum, stressed the need for constitutional amendments to carry the process of democratic transition to its logical conclusion.