8888 Museum needs to be maintained and looked after by the state

Photo: Mizzima

A leader of the 88-Generation (Peace and Open Society) Min Ko Naing said that the 8888 popular uprising was the people’s movement so the 8888 museum needs to be maintained by the state like other museums such as the Cultural Museum and the Natural History Museum.

The state needs to take full responsibility for the museum’s security, land, and building, and it should be run by a curator and staff who are well trained in foreign countries, he added.

“We will be heartbroken if it falls into the hands of miscreants and or it is destroyed so we need national level security for this museum and it should be run and maintained by the state. We are temporarily taking care of the museum at present but parliament should start trying to do this job,” Min Ko Naing said.

The 8888 Popular Uprising Museum (provisional) plan was implemented last year and it is currently open at the office of ‘Peace and Open Society’ situated in Thumingalar Street, Thingangyun.

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