AA reports clash with Tatmadaw near Buthidaung

Arakan Army fighters. Photo: Arakan Army/Facebook

Arakan Army (AA) Information Department In-charge Khai Thu Kha said that they clashed with the Tatmadaw (government’s military) near Buthidaung.

“We had a fierce clash with them in Buthdaung Township recently. We fought with them for four hours on November 18 from 4 to 8 p.m. near Nahan village in Buthidaung Township,” Khai Thu Kha said.

AA also fought with government troops from November 1 to 14 in Paletwa Township near Kaladan River.

AA Information Department In-charge Khai Thu Kha told Mizzima that they wanted to resolve current fighting peacefully by political means.

“Currently there are about 600 war refugees in our controlled area and we heard that over 300 more are in Shin Letwa. In Buthidaung area, we heard that people had to flee from their homes in Nahan village in Buthidaung area,” he said.

The government has not yet released any news regarding current clashes with AA.

AA has fought with government troops in Kyauktaw, Paletwa and Yethedaung Township since 2015.

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