ARSA declared terrorist group

28 August 2017
ARSA declared terrorist group
In a recent video produced on 15th August 2017, Abu Ammar Junoni, who claims to be the Commander of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), addresses "the Rohingya diaspora, the World Leaders, United Nations and Human Rights Activists." Photo: video screen grab

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), that claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks on security forces on 25 August, has been declared a terrorist group.
A press release issued by the Chairman of the Anti-Terrorism Central Committee said that the ARSA has been declared a terrorist organisation under sub-section 5 of section 6 of the Counter-Terrorism Law. 
The release said that henceforth the ARSA and its supporters should be referred to as 'terrorists' and not as 'insurgents' in public discourse and media.
It promised to bring to justice the perpetrators of the attacks on 25th August and said the government would do all to restore peace in northern Rakhine state.
The press release said 10 policemen, one soldier and one immigration officer had died in the ARSA's attacks and atleast nine security personnel and many civilians were wounded.
Six firearms have been looted by the attackers, the press release said. 
But the press release said 30 police outposts had been attacked on 25 August, while earlier press statements by the State Counsellor’s information office had initially said 24 police stations and outposts had been attacked and later said 19 police stations and outposts had been attacked.