China, ASEAN eye closer technological cooperation

10 September 2016
China, ASEAN eye closer technological cooperation
The China-Myanmar Modern Agriculture and New Energy Technology Matchmaking held in Yangon, Myanmar on July 13, 2015. Photo: CATTC

Technological cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has deepened in recent years and will continue to prosper in the future, industry analysts said. 
More than 2,000 companies have registered as members of the technological transfer network between China and the ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), said Liu Jianhong, deputy director of the China-ASEAN Technological Transfer Center. 
China has also set up bilateral technological transfer centers with Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Indonesia. 
Cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has been carried out in modern agriculture, new energy, reusable energy, the Internet, environmental protection and the biochemical industry. Contracts worth more than 600 billion yuan have been signed, statistics show. 
"For example, in the field of agriculture, some pumpkins can grow quite large in Vietnam and do not sell well in the market. Chinese agricultural technicians helped improve the breed and it is selling well in northern and highland Vietnam," said Liu. 
Technological cooperation in mobile Internet industries is also developing fast with more than 200 companies participating. 
Sohagame, a Vietnamese gaming company, achieved great success after selling patents for two China-made smartphone games. 
Chang Qing, also a deputy director of the center, said high-level academics including several leading scientists in Southeast Asia have also promoted technological cooperation among the countries.
Courtesy of Global Times