Cholera outbreak in Kayin State

27 October 2015
Cholera outbreak in Kayin State
Cholera outbreak in villages in Kayin State has both Myanmar and Thai authorities taking steps to rein it in. Photo: KIC

As of October, twelve villagers had died and 61 villages suffered from a cholera outbreak in Kawkareik and Kyain Seikgyi Townships near the Thai-Myanmar border, according to Burma News International on October 26.
Health workers from both countries are trying to stop the spread of the deadly disease, according to the report.
Statistics from the Karen Department of Health and Welfare (KDHW) show that most of the villages affected are in areas where government health services are inaccessible.
A member of the KDHW monitoring the situation said the cholera outbreak was still spreading, but a lower rate.
He said the situation was mixed, with decreases in some villages and increases in others.
Courtesy of BNI