Coal mine explosion in Magway kills 3 and injures 5

Rescuers at the mine entrance. Photo: Mizzima

Rescuers at the mine entrance. Photo: Mizzima

An explosion at a coal mine in Magway Region killed three and injured 5 on 6 September with a rescue operation said to be ongoing to rescue trapped miners.

The explosion happened in the morning at a mine owned by owned by Tun Raza Mining Company about 2 miles from Kyaukmyaung village, Saw Township, Gangaw District, Magway Region.  

According to a report, a 13-member team led by supervisor Naing Oo entered the coal mine in the morning and then there was an explosion at a depth of about 300 feet at about 8:30 a.m.

As soon as the mine exploded seven coal miners could manage to exit the mine but six were still trapped in the exploded mine, supervisor Naing Oo said.

Out of the lucky seven miners, five laceration injuries all over their bodies and one had an injury to his head.

Township police officer Pol. Capt. Zaw Lin said that these miners were rushed to Saw Township hospital but two of them who got laceration injuries succumbed to their injuries on the way to hospital and one who had his head injured was admitted to hospital.

Township Administrator Mya Win, Township Police Force Chief Pol. Capt. Zaw Lin and his policemen, firefighters, social organizations and miners from this coal mine carried out a search and rescue operations for the six trapped miners immediately and they could retrieve dead body of 17 year old miner Aung Zin Tun.  

The five miners are now being trapped in 400 feet shaft but the rescuers said they could not enter this part as there was lack of oxygen and rescuers were asphyxiated when they entered this part of the mine.

It is learned that the rescue operation is being done to rescue the five miners still trapped in the mine until yesterday evening.

The mining company said that their manager was out of station at the time of explosion and he could reach the mine only yesterday evening.

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