Commander-in-Chief is ready to sign the ceasefire

20 September 2015
Commander-in-Chief is ready to sign the ceasefire

Commander-in-Chief of DefenceServices Senior GeneralMin Aung Hlaing said all parties must use foresight when discussing issues involving ethnic armed groups and other internal affairs,at a militarymeeting on Friday, the Global New Light of Myanmar reported on 19 September.
At the meeting, the seniorgeneral reiterated his supportfor democratisation and developmentand his readiness tosign the nationwide ceasefireagreement.
Also present at the meetingwere Deputy Commander-in-Chiefof Defence Servicesand Commander-in-Chief(Army) Vice-Senior General SoeWin, Commander-in-Chief (Airforce) General Khin Aung Myintand senior officers from the officeof the Commander-in-Chief.
“The armed forces preferrepresentatives who can work inthe interests of the nation throughtheir political, economic, and administrative and defence outlooks,”he said.
The senior general urgedparticipants in the peace processto strive to overcome challenges.