Conservation work on Mandalay’s Shwe Nandaw Kyaung monastery to continue

Photo: Mizzima

Programme Director of Shwe Nandaw Kyaung monestary conservation and renovation work, Jeffrey Allen, said that a second round of conservation and renovation works on the monastery will continue at a cost of US$ 300,000.

The first round of conservation and renovation work started in 2014 with the US Ambassadors’ Fund and now it will be continued for the second round of work.

Jeffrey Allen said, “We are doing conservation and renovation works as per regulations laid down by UNESCO.”

In the current work, the veranda, stairs and flooring will be conserved and renovated while in the first round, data collection, laser measurements and research, replacement of wooden (teak) posts were finished.

Jeffrey Allen estimated the total cost of conservation and renovation of Shwe Nandaw Monastery would be US$ 1.5 million.

Shwe Nandaw Monastery has 150 wooden (teak) posts, 42 supporting wooden posts carved with mythical Naya creatures and 5 Thayetking stairs with brick ornaments.

It is famous with foreign tourists for its wood carvings and wood sculptures and wooden architectural ornaments of figures, birds and wooden wall carvings.

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