Exhumed Hindu dead bodies cremated

29 September 2017
Exhumed Hindu dead bodies cremated
Photo: Thura/Mizzima

Hindu religious leader Nimar told Mizzima that the dead bodies found in mass graves were cremated yesterday with traditional Hindu rites.
“Yes, we have cremated the dead bodies at the place where they were exhumed. The total number is 45,” Nimar said.
The two mass graves were found on September 24 and the bodies exhumed. 28 dead bodies of women and children were found on September 24 and an additional 17 male bodies were found again on September 25.
A press release issued by the government says about 300 ARSA extremist terrorists arrested about 100 male and female villagers from Yebawkya village and then they murdered them about 1,000 metres from their village, a remaining 8 female villagers were forcibly converted to Islam and taken to Bangladesh.
The government press release says the total missing from this village is 93 persons the search continues. Local and foreign correspondents visited the village and the site of mass graves on September 27.
A planned visit of international diplomats to the crime scene had to be cancelled because of bad weather.