Fresh fighting likely as many Myanmar military columns are in KIA territory, says KIA

Photo: Min Min/Mizzima

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Information Chief Col. Naw Bu confirmed to Mizzima that fresh fighting was likely to erupt again as government military columns were arriving in KIA controlled areas.

Col. Naw Bu said that though there was no fighting between government troops and KIA at present, fresh fighting could not be ruled out as there were many government military columns in Sumprabum, Putao, and Tanai areas controlled by KIA 1st Brigade, 14th Battalion.

“There were no major engagements or fighting over the last 3-4 days but many government military columns are being deployed and stationed in the area along Putao - Sumprabum highway under control of KIA 1st Brigade. They do not withdraw their troops from this area so fresh fighting can erupt again at any time,” Col. Naw Bu said.

KIA said they destroyed some bridges on Myitkyina-Putao highway at the end of January this year and because of the destruction of these bridges prices of fuel and food supplies are soaring and selling at exorbitant prices.

“We destroyed these bridges to sabotage their military operations. We are ready to rebuild these bridges when fighting ceases in this area.” Col. Naw Bu said.

KIA and responsible officials from the Myanmar military and government met in Dali, Yunnan Province, China on February 1 and the Myanmar military demanded KIA withdraw their troops including KIA 14th Battalion from Tanai area.

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