Government should take advice from parties in resolving country’s affairs, says NNDP Chairman

NNDP Chairman Thein Nyunt.

New National Democracy Party (NNDP) Chairman Thein Nyunt said that the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) government should respect and follow the multi-party political system by taking advice from political parties in resolving the country’s affairs.

He was speaking at a press conference held on September 12 explaining the recent ‘Forum on Rakhine State Affairs which threaten the national security’ attended by 29 political parties led by Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

“They pledge to abide and respect the multi-party political system enshrined in basic principles of the constitution. So they should take advice from political parties and then they can use them if they like and don’t use them if they don’t like. This is the authority of the government,” Thein Nyunt said.

He added that political parties had urged the government to call the National Defence and Security Committee meeting to resolve problems and to take action against terrorists under the Counter Terrorism Law, for nearly a year.

Regarding this matter, National Political Alliance (NPA) party general secretary Kyaw Thu Aung said, “We are called opposition parties but we are not opposing the government. We said to the government 9 months back to take action against terrorists under Counter Terrorism Law. If they had imposed martial law then we would not have suffered huge losses to this extent. Now we have lost lives, wealth and houses of local people.”

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