Government troops ‘seize last stronghold of Kokang rebels’

Armed military troops march along a deserted road at Chin Shwe Haw town of Kokang self-administered area, northern Shan State, Myanmar, 16 February 2015. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Myanmar government troops have seized strategic Point 2202 tophill, the last stronghold of the Kokang ethnic army, in a latest offensive, according to a report from Xinhua on May 15.

Quoting local media relying on military sources, the report claimed the last stronghold of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) was occupied by the government forces on May 14.

The government forces are in hot pursuit of the retreating Kokang army, the report added.

The occupation of Kokang army's last hilltop came two days after three prior hilltops, Point-1607, Point 1709 and Point 1742, fell to the government on May 11 and 12, according to the report.

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