Kofi Annan says Myanmar violence not genocide

07 December 2016
Kofi Annan says Myanmar violence not genocide
Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan at the press meeting in Yangon on 06 December 2016. Photo: Thura/Mizzima

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says he would not describe the violence being committed against Myanmar's Rohingya minority as "genocide", according to a BBC report on 6 December.
"I think there are tensions, there has been fighting, but I wouldn't put it the way some have done," he told the BBC after a trip to Rakhine state.
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Sunday said genocide was taking place.
Rohingya groups have alleged serious rights abuses, including rapes, shootings and house burnings, and say they are being targeted indiscriminately.
The government of Myanmar has denied the allegations.