Land for 8888 museum to be asked from government

11 June 2018
Land for 8888 museum to be asked from government
Min Ko Naing, a former political prisoner and one of the 88 Generation leaders. Photo: Mizzima

One of the 88-generation leaders, Min Ko Naing, said that they would designate land for officially opening the 8888 museum, on 30th anniversary of this 1988 uprising.
He said at a 88-generation meeting held at Maggin monastery in Yangon on June 10 that they would ask for land for the museum from the government.
Moreover they would reportedly display exhibitions on the forthcoming anniversary day of this uprising which will fall on August 8, 2018 before they can build a permanent museum of this uprising.
“We have to ask for land for this museum to show materials and exhibits that were collected in the last 30 years. There are documents and historical materials. We will build a museum with them. On the 30th anniversary of 88 uprising, we will designate land for that museum,” Min Ko Naing said.
Besides the designation of land, they will discuss the political chronological events of the last 30 years and present them to the government and the people.