Lashio protesters call for end to killings

19 July 2016
Lashio protesters call for end to killings

More than a thousand local residents in northern Shan State’s Lashio Township on Saturday staged a protest demanding an end to the arbitrary killing of civilians in the area.
According to Sai Pha Seng, who was present at the event, the demonstration started at 9am, and included participants from Lashio, Kutkhai, Hsenwi, Tangyan, Mongyai, Kyaukme and Hsipaw townships, The peaceful protest was conducted through the streets of Lashio city.
“Innocent civilians have been killed arbitrarily, but no group is taking responsibility,” he said. “The Tatmadaw and ethnic armed groups must work together through the peace process and show respect for human rights.”
Led by the Tai Youth Organization, Kachin Youth Organization, Ta’ang Women’s Organization and Ta’ang Students and Youth Union, the demonstrators demanded justice for the recently murdered civilians in northern Shan State. Seven persons were shot dead, allegedly by Burmese government troops, in Mong Yaw sub-township in late June, while a man was murdered by an unknown group in Namkham Township last week.
“Please stop killing innocent people,” said protester Sai Tuen Thor. “These human rights abuses must end.”
Shan Herald reported on July 6 that civic groups had published a statement urging the National League for Democracy-led government to take the lead in investigating the Mong Yaw case and bring the culprits to justice.
Courtesy BNI