Letpadaung residents call for end to copper mining project

Residents in Letpadaung, on July 4, staged a protest outside the Myanmar-Wanbao Company in Monywa calling for a stop to the LetpadaungĀ  copper mining project.

They said the Myanmar-Wanbao Company failed to follow the recommendations of the Letpadaung copper mine inquiry report.

Some farmers lost their farmlands to the project. But the 1,900 acres of substitute farmlands (new farmlands as a compensation) will be located in an undesirable location, about 40 miles away from their villages in Letpadaung, that's why the farmers staged the protest.

This is the fourth protest in 2018 to urge the company to follow the recommendations made by the inquiry commission.

The protesters tried to get permission to meet with the Sagaing Region Chief Minister, but in vain, they said.

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