Mizzima introduces Free-to-Air TV channel

27 February 2018
Mizzima introduces Free-to-Air TV channel
Photo: Hong Sar/Mizzima

Mizzima Media Group today introduced its Free-to-Air TV channel in Myanmar. 
Mizzima is one of the five private companies that recently signed a cooperation agreement with state-run Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) to operate as content providers for digital free-to-air TV channels in a multi-playout system of MRTV.
In addition to thanking donors and supporters, who had supported Mizzima while in exile in India and Thailand Mizzima’s Editor-In-Chief and Managing Director Soe Myint also acknowledged the support of the international community. 
The following is the main text of his speech.
“Ten years ago, while Mizzima continued to fight as an exile media group for the freedom of expression and the rights of all Myanmar citizens, I never could have dreamt of where we would be today. Mizzima was born out of the democracy movement, and now we have witnessed the election of a democratic government. From events surrounding the 2010 election to the return of so many exiles and, of course, the registration of Mizzima in Myanmar and continued the pace of change with the 2015 elections, it has been a remarkable journey for both Myanmar and Mizzima. In August this year, Mizzima will complete its 20th anniversary of founding.
And while our journey and struggle continue, we look forward to turning a new page in the history of Mizzima – and that of media in Myanmar. With the space made available for independent broadcasters, Mizzima is anxious to use this opportunity to provide information and entertainment to all citizens of Myanmar to assist in building a more peaceful and prosperous Union. Specifically, with the demographic focus of our TV Channel being the youth of Myanmar, we take pride in having the opportunity to help mould and raise the future generations of Myanmar leaders in politics, business, civil society and local communities. 
I have always maintained that Mizzima belongs to the people, particularly those who want and fight for, democracy in Myanmar. On this note, I want to make what I believe is an exciting announcement regarding the future of Mizzima. 
Mizzima has been on a long journey together with our friends, employees and supporters and partners. We decided to invite close friends to come and invest in Mizzima and join us in our journey. We will do this by means of offering a private equity-based crowdfunding opportunity, a first for Myanmar. We will allocate 10% of our company for those who want to invest with us, thus ensuring Mizzima’s success and viability. And we will dedicate this ownership to the youth and kids of Myanmar, the target demographic for the Mizzima TV Channel, so they can be confident that the values and goals behind Mizzima are in keeping with the hopes of young generations for the future of Myanmar. Let Mizzima’s success be your success. I would like to see the young people of Myanmar owning a TV channel. To this end, I will follow-up with everyone who is interested in partnering with Mizzima for the long journey ahead. 
Finally, I would like to thank the government, particularly the Ministry of Information, Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV) and Tun Group Asia for selecting us to be a content provider.
At the same time, I would like to congratulate the other recipients of independent Free-to-Air Digital TV Channels. Together we can help to ensure that media in Myanmar, and specifically broadcast media, continues to evolve in a democratic spirit – offering Myanmar citizens a varied and balanced choice in viewing while strengthening a spirit of unity in diversity.”