Myanmar Army seizes two KIA logging camps on Chinese border

KIA soldiers training class. Photo: Mizzima

KIA soldiers training class. Photo: Mizzima

The Myanmar Army has seized two logging camps that were located in territory under the control of the KIA at the Chinese border in the east of the Kachin State on Monday 2 May.

Light Infantry Battalion (LID) 437 under the Myanmar Army’s Northern Command penetrated and attacked KIA Battalion 1’s base near Kyaukgyi Thit camp in Pa Daw on 1 May and the KIA retreated without putting up a strong resistance, the Kachin News Group has learned.

After the KIA withdrew from this camp on Sunday and relocated to a nearby smaller logging camp, the Myanmar Army attacked the KIA forces with heavy artillery for most of the night.

At least one KIA soldier was killed during during a clash on 2 May. The KIA were forced to withdraw from this small camp as well, according to a KIA report from the front line.

The Myanmar Army continues to occupy the two logging camps.

Lt-Col Naw Bu said: “It was only a confrontation battle. We are still investigating why the Myanmar Army forced themselves into this area and their reasons [for the attacks].”

The battles were in an area held by KIA Battalion 1 under the group's Brigade 3 to the east of Manje near the Chinese border.

Courtesy BNI

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