Myanmar to crackdown on smuggling in Taninthayi

22 June 2015
Myanmar to crackdown on smuggling in Taninthayi
Photo: Ahmad Yusni/EPA

Myanmar anti-smuggling mobile teams and maritime police will take action against smugglers in the territorial waters of Taninthayi region in southern Myanmar, sources with the Anti-Smuggling Central Committee said on Friday. The clampdown on smugglers of any goods in Taninthayi waters is set to launch this month, the committee said, according to a report by Xinhua on 20 June.
The anti-smuggling campaign will be conducted on a wider scale targeting areas including Kachin and Shan states as well as across border with Thailand.
The anti-smuggling mobile teams seized around 6 billion US dollars in smuggled gems and jade, wood and other consumer products of which gems and jade accounted for about 4 billion dollars.
From July 2014 to the first week of March 2015, it registered a total of 5,006 case.