Myanmar is reportedly ready to receive and resettle repatriated refugees from Bangladesh

Myanmar is reportedly ready to receive and resettle repatriated refugees from Bangladesh
People walk around the reception center near the Taungpyo Bangladesh-Myanmar border gate where the repatriation process is planned to take place in Maungdaw district, Rakhine State of western Myanmar, 24 January 2017. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

The Myanmar government said at a press conference held in Nyapyitaw on March 14 that they were ready to accept repatriated refugees when they return.
They reiterated that those who returned to Myanmar must have lived actually in the country and they must not have been involved in any terrorist attacks.
There are 8,032 refugees in the list sent by Bangladesh and 556 Bengali refugees have been verified as actual residents of Myanmar and it is expected they will be repatriated soon and received by Myanmar government.
Previously Myanmar government could verify 363 refugees in the list sent by Bangladesh as residents of Myanmar and could later verify 193 more refugees as actual residents of Myanmar so the total number they could verify is 556.
Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population are verifying the list of 8,032 refugees sent by Bangladesh and according to sources, the ministry will forward the list of 193 refugees they could verify to Bangladesh through the Foreign Ministry.
The repatriated refugees will be received at Tuangpyo Letwae and Ngakhura reception camps and first will be given temporary accommodation at Hla Pho Khaung transit station and then the government plans to resettle them in their old places.
Under the agreement reached between the two countries, the repatriated refugees were scheduled to be received starting from January 23 but not even a single Bangladesh refugee been repatriated so far.
Myanmar government said for the first time that over 500,000 Bengalis had left the country because of conflict in Rakhine State. UN said that the number of refugees who fled to Bangladesh was over 600,000.
Deputy Information Minister Aung Hla Tun said that the cause of exodus of these refugees from Myanmar was fear and anxiety of being arrested on suspicion of being involved in terrorist attacks.
Rakhine State Government Secretary Tin Maung Swe said, “Currently 469,665 people are living in Maungdaw District and 535,764 people have left their homes here.”
Myanmar government released a press statement which says the building of temporary receiving stations for refugees who fled from their homes has been completed over 75% so they are ready to receive people who left their homes.