Myanmar security forces on high alert in northern Rakhine state

Myanmar security forces on high alert in northern Rakhine state
Myanmar border police patrol Wei Thar Li village in Maungdaw located in Rakhine State near the border to Bangladesh on October 12, 2016 as government security forces pursue attackers. Photo: AFP

The Myanmar security forces has been put on high alert in Maungtaw, northern Rakhine state, following spate of killings by armed men and fear of fresh attacks, official report said on Sunday. 
In the past two weeks, six civilians have been murdered and two have gone missing or been abducted. 
The incidents have prompted nearly 200 Rakhine Buddhist villagers to flee the area. 
Security has been tightened near villages in Maungtaw with Rakhine state Minister for Security and Border Affairs Colonel Htein Lin calling for public cooperation for security. 
He pledged that the security forces will quickly respond to the emergency situation. 
According to a statement of the national security adviser on the security situation in the state released late Saturday, the military has found increasing evidence of extreme activities in recent weeks with tunnels, guns and a terrorist training camp being uncovered in Bhthidaung-Maungtaw area's Mayu Mountain. 
Three armed attackers were killed during the area clearance operation by the security forces on Tuesday. 
Tension has been escalated in the northern state, especially after last year's Oct. 9 violent attacks by armed men on three border outposts in Maungtaw. 
The statement said that during the period from October last year to June 26 this year, a total of 38 civilians had been murdered in Maungtaw area with 22 others missing or abducted, including four community leaders. 
It pledged continuation to assess the security situation and take appropriate actions which are necessary to secure long-term stability and peace in the region.
Courtesy Global Times