No disintegration of Union as long as USDP exists, says Chairman Than Htay

USDP Central Committee Chairman Than Htay.

Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) Central Committee Chairman Than Htay said at a meeting with new generation youth from Mandalay Region, that “There will be no disintegration of the Union as long as our USDP exists,” when referring to the Rakhine crisis.

Chairman Than Htay told the new generation youth party members,” There will be no disintegration of the Union and no loss of sovereignty as long as our party exists. But this work cannot be done alone. You must join in this work together.”

Moreover, he said that the country was under threat.

“Our country is under tremendous pressure and facing danger. Those people who are unable to think of even the fundamental problem of livelihood of the people cannot differentiate person and State,” he said.

“How many more years can these leaders who are in power work for the country? You can judge by seeing their age,” he added.

Party Chairman Than Htay furthermore said that his age was 62 and he relied on the new generation youth. He said he would hold his position for a limited period of time only and he would hand over the Chairman position to the new generation youth at an appropriate time.

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