The number of voters who check by-elections electoral rollin Yangon Region is less than 10%

Yangon Region Election Commission Secretary Capt. Tin Win (retired). Photo: Mizzima

Yangon Region Election Commission Secretary Capt. Tin Win (retired) said that less than 10% of eligible voters checked their names on the electoral roll for 2017 By-elections in Yangon Region.

“There are over 990,000 eligible voters in Yangon Region but just over 70,000 voters had come and checked the electoral roll by the 13 of this month. It is about 7.07% of total voters. So we can say the number of voters who came and checked is a lot less in comparison with total voters,” he said.

Retired Capt. Tin Win added that it could not be said that the voters had lost interest in the by-elections as it was possible a voter came and checked for himself and his family members and other families in his neighbourhood in his visit.

Out of these 7% of total voters, over 3,800 voters submitted Form No. 3 for complaint of absence of their names in the list, 456 voters submitted Form No. 4 for complaint of inclusion of names who are not entitled in the list and 1,935 voters submitted Form No. 4-C for correction of particulars in the list, according to the Yangon Region Election Commission Office.

The candidates will contest four lower house seats in Hlinetharyar constituency, Dagon Seikkan constituency, Dagon Myothit (East) constituency and Kawhmu constituency and one upper house seat in Yangon Region No. 6 constituency in Yangon Region.

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