Pen Myanmar calls for release of imprisoned and detained writers under section 66(d)

Pen Myanmar has called for the release of all writers who are imprisoned and detained under section 66(d) of Telecommunications Law.

Pen Myanmar made this demand at a Peace Poetry Performance held at Tawin Centre, Yangon on November 15.

Pen Myanmar director and Poet Saw Wai said, “Those who hold power use section 66(d) as a weapon for imprisoning and detaining writers, poets, journalists and editors. This is cutting the right to freedom of expression which is the lifeline of democracy. Pen Myanmar has made this demand since Thein Sein’s government until today’s Mother Suu’s government.”

He added that amending 2008 constitution was essential for restoring peace in the country and for releasing detained and imprisoned writers.

“If 2008 constitution had been amended, our country would have peace and our writers would not be arrested and imprisoned. Amending of constitution cannot be done in parliament. The framers of the constitution made amending it in parliament impossible. This must be done at the Panglong Peace Conference. This is the only way to achieve federalism and peace,” he said.

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