Plot needed to rebuild damaged church

29 December 2015
Plot needed to rebuild damaged church
Ceaseless rain hit Kanan, Tamu, on 28 August causing severe damage. Photo:

Local people living in Kanan village, Khampat sub-township, Tamu Township, have reported that a plot is now needed for rebuilding a church that was damaged by flood water in August 2015.
Over 700 acres of farmland and the houses of local people living in the village were damaged by unprecedented flooding.
“100 houses and a church were damaged by flooding. The government developed plots for rebuilding houses but [they did] not include one for a church. We need a plot for a church as our village is predominantly Christian,” Kanan villager Mar Ngaik Ar said.
About 99% of villagers are Christians and are from the Htado, Lushai, and Falam ethnic Chin tribes.The church was built in Kanan village 20 years ago.
Khampat sub-township administrator Saw Chan said, “We are rebuilding houses first as a priority and then we will rebuild this damaged church. If the villagers have collected enough donations for rebuilding this church, we will give them the required plot for it.”