Population growth scheme for ethnic people in Myanmar should be made: USDP Chairman

USDP Chairman Than Htay.

Union Solidarity and Development Party Chairman Than Htay said that since Myanmar is situated among three populous countries with high population growth, Myanmar should have a scheme for population growth of ethnic people in the country.

He was speaking at the ‘Forum on Rakhine State affairs which threatens National Security’ organized by USDP.

According to the 2014 census, Myanmar has population of over 52 million but China has over 1,300 million, Bangladesh has over 160 million and India has over 1,300 million respectively.

“Myanmar is sandwiched among three populous countries with high population growth but our population growth rate is very low. Myanmar Citizenship Law is the vital pillar for survival of 135 ethnic nationalities in the country. We don’t need to consider international pressure for amending and reviewing this section and that section in this law,” Than Htay said.

He added that under this vision, the leaders who took power in the past governments built dams and irrigations to feed up to 100 million people in the future.

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