Prayer and offerings for departed souls in Pyi

By Yege
15 February 2018
Prayer and offerings for departed souls in Pyi

Offerings of food for departed souls was held on February 13 for the third day at Aye Nyein Yar interfaith cemetery in Pyi, Pyi District, Bago Region.
Event organizer, Min Min Tun, said, “In the afterlife, these departed souls which are still attached to their bodies are in fact forgotten. We can free these forgotten departed souls by holding such a ceremony annually.”
The first and second days of the ceremony were held on February 10 and 11 with prayer meetings and special sermons. Then on February 13 at 9 a.m., 20 invited monks gave eight precepts and preached sermons and were offered alms. 
At 6 p.m. on the same day, rice, chicken pea soup, oily beef curry and drinking water were offered to cemetery guardians and departed souls which are not yet freed.
This ceremony of saying prayers, preaching sermons and offering food was organized by Crematorium Supervising Committee of Aye Nyein Yar cemetery and it was funded by town elders at a cost of 5 million kyats.
This is the first ever such ceremony in Pyi and event organizers said that they would hold similar ceremonies in coming years too.