Protest demonstration calls for 2008 Constitution repeal

03 January 2018
Protest demonstration calls for 2008 Constitution repeal
Protestors took to the Yangon streets to call for a change to the 2008 Constitution. Photo: Mizzima

Political activists staged a demonstration January 2 in south Dagon Myothit in Yangon calling for a repeal  of the 2008 Constitution.
About 60 activists participated in the demonstration by marching in procession from South Dagon Route No. 56 bus stop to GEC bus stop holding placards with the words ‘Draft New Constitution’ and chanting the slogan ‘Repeal the 2008 Constitution’.
Naung Naung who led and organized the demonstration said, “I organized this demonstration as a citizen. We staged the demonstration by holding placards bearing the words ‘We don’t want the 2008 Constitution absolutely’.”
About 60 people joined the protest, despite the pre-planned number of about 150.
Naung Naung added, “We are losing the fundamental rights of a citizen and we are deprived of justice and equality so that we are staging this demonstration to express our will for not wanting 2008 Constitution.”
Among political activists in Myanmar, there are two groups with the reformist group wanting to amend the constitution and the revolutionary group wanting a redraft a new constitution.