Protest March in Support of ANP in Taunggup

Protesters in Taunggup. Photo: Narinjara News

Over 500 people held a protest march in support of the Arakan National Party (ANP) in Taunggup, Arakan State on 26 April, said one of the protest leaders.

Protest leader Ko Soe Thura sad to Narinjara News: “Why wasn’t the ANP allowed to form the [Arakan] State Government even though it won in our Arakan State? We are holding the protest to call for [the NLD to] respect the public’s desire. We dislike how they are acting in an authoritarian way ignoring the desires of the Arakan people. We have no reason to object to the State Chief Minister U Nyi Pu, we just don’t like how this resembles a one-party system while [the NLD] talks about democracy”

The ANP won more seats, 22, than any other party in the Arakan State Parliament. But the NLD, who only won nine seats in the Arakan State Parliament, chose who would be the Arakan State Chief Minister because the constitution states that the Union president appoints state chief ministers. The current president, Htin Kyaw, is an NLD member.

A public meeting was also held where the ANP explained their previous announcements on the issues of the appointment of a chief minister and government for Arakan State.

One of the protesters, Ko Maung Chay, said: “We don’t want a one-party system and dictatorship. Nothing happens even when one wins by a majority. Now the person in power can do as he or she likes. This is unacceptable. You cannot do what you want in a democracy like you can in a one-party system or dictatorship.”

Courtesy of BNI

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