Refugees allege troops rape, beat, kill Kokang people

26 March 2015
Refugees allege troops rape, beat, kill Kokang people
War victims who fled from the conflict zone line up for food at a monastery in Lashio, northern Shan State, Myanmar, February 19, 2015. Photo: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA

Refugees in Kokand are accusing Myanmar government troops of gang rape, beatings and shootings of unarmed civilians, in a bid to terrorize the local population since fighting with rebel forces began on February 9, according to Radio Free Asia on March 25.
RFA interviewed a refugee who said groups of Myanmar government soldiers are roaming around, using rape, beatings and shootings as a weapon of war against local people.
She said the army “comes at night, when you can't see them, because they think that the local people are working for [rebel commander] Peng Jiasheng."
The refugee claimed groups of soldiers are attacking civilians in the belief that they are Peng's soldiers, even if they are unarmed.