Shwe Mann opens lower house for final session before general election

The embattled speaker of Myanmar's parliament, Shwe Mann, opened the lower house on Tuesday for what will likely be a fractious session, with ruling party factions facing each other for the first time since the president sacked him from a leadership post last week Reuters reported on 18 August.

On her way into parliament on Tuesday, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi said the November election was more of a concern for her party than internal USDP matters.

She declined to comment on what the two discussed at an hour-long meeting on Monday, as the country's leaders manoeuvred ahead of the showdown in parliament.

Shwe Mann's relationship with Suu Kyi was regarded with suspicion by some members of the USDP, which is mostly made up of former military officers, and was one of the motives for his sacking as party chairman.

He is under pressure from the country's election commission to table an impeachment bill that could be used to unseat him and may be supported by the president's faction.

Shwe Mann's allies have vowed to defend him in parliament.

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