UMFCCI commits to helping government’s Rakhine development

22 October 2017
UMFCCI commits to helping government’s Rakhine development

The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) announced October 21 that it was setting up Nine Private Sector Task Forces for taking part in the Myanmar government’s UEHRD Project.
Nine Task Forces formed will help the work of resettlement and development in Rakhine State in the sectors concerned with each task force by pooling all resources of the private sector, the UMFCCI said in a press release.
The meeting held on Saturday and attended by Union Enterprise of Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement ad Development (UEHRD) Chief Coordinator Dr. Aung Tun Thet and delegates of brethren organizations led by UMFCCI and businesspersons, formed Nine Task Forces constituted with representatives of organizations and businesspersons, for complementing and taking part in the UEHRD project in selected nine sectors based on the expertise of the private sector.
The private sector formed the following task forces at the preliminary stage for working collectively by mulling over fulfilling the emergency and essential needs of Rakhine State in line with social and developmental work.
It listed the nine as follows:
Construction and Infrastructure Task Force
Agriculture and Livestock Task Force
Development of Industrial Zone Task Force
Communication, Information and Media Task force
Job creation, opening and running of vocational training task force
Healthcare task force
Microfinance support task force
Crowd Funding task force
Tourism promotion task force
These task forces will do the immediate work of resettlement and providing humanitarian assistance in Rakhine State besides other short term and long term work of creating business and job opportunities, promotion of trade and attracting investments with detailed working plans and schemes.
As the initial work of these task forces, they will designate the members in these task forces, assigning work to each task force, and will gather and compile the required policies in a swift manner for the efficient implementation of their tasks, and then these activities will be submitted to the joint meeting of the UMFCCI and Private Sector to be held on October 25 for their approval.
Representatives of UMFCCI and brethren organizations, members of task forces will visit Rakhine State in the last week of October to study the requirements of their work.
The body which will lead the coordination work between UEHRD and its implementing partners task forces, will be formed at UMFCCI head office so that UMFCCI Chairman invites all private sector organizations and Myanmar businesspersons to take part in the sectors where they have expertise.
UEHRD Chief Coordinator Dr. Aung Tun Thet said, “We will prove that the private sector businesspersons can turn Rakhine State into a developed State amid the immense difficulties. We will invite all businesspersons and people across the country for taking part in this noble work through all sorts of platforms such as internet, and mobile phones and social media.”