UN urges Myanmar to treat LGBT community in a dignified manner

18 May 2016
UN urges Myanmar to treat LGBT community in a dignified manner
Photo: Htet Htet/Mizzima

The UNAIDS country coordinator has urged the Myanmar government, legislative bodies and people, not to discriminate against the LGBT community and to treat them in a dignified manner. 
Mr. Eamonn Murphy, UNAIDS country coordinator,was speaking at an event marking ‘International Day of anti-discrimination and hatred against the LGBT community’. 
Mr. Murphy said, “We need to call on both government and parliaments. All people are entitled to basic healthcare service regardless of their clothes and sexual orientation.”
Dr. Nyan Zawa commission member from the Myanmar Human Rights Commission said that discrimination against the LGBT community occurred in healthcare services, workplaces and society. 
One person who was given psychiatric treatment for her sexual orientation said “There are many gays who are imprisoned under section 377 of the Penal Code. It will be good if these provisions can be amended.” 
Section 377 of the Penal Code relates to committing unnatural sex. 
The Myanmar Human Rights Commission is currently planning to amend the laws causing problems for the LGBT community.