UNFC says only needs nod from organizations to sign NCA

10 November 2017
UNFC says only needs nod from organizations to sign NCA

The United Nationalities Federal Council’s (UNFC) negotiating team ‘Delegation for Political Negotiations’ (DPN) team leader Khoo Oo Reh said that they just needed the nod from their parent organizations to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).
“It’s almost completed. I’d like to say we need to get just approval from higher authority,” Khoo Oo Reh said.
He was speaking after meeting with the government today on points number 1 and 2 of their 8-point proposal to which the government wanted to make modifications.
These two points are to declare a nationwide ceasefire within 24 hours from signing NCA and to establish democratic federal union with national equality and self-determination.
Member of government’s negotiating team ‘Peace Commission’ (PC), Zaw Htay, said that both sides agreed to meet again within one or two weeks after presenting today’s meeting results to their parent organizations.
UNFC has met and negotiated with government’s PC repeatedly over one and half years.
UNFC consists of Arakan National Council (ANC), Lahu Democratic Union (LDU), New Mon State Party (NMSP), and Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP).