Vice-President says Hantharwady airport project needs to be transparent

Photo: Myanmar President Office

Vice-President Henry Van Thio has said that the Hantharwady airport project should be transparent.

The Vice-President was speaking at the first meeting of Hantharwady airport project leading committee held on December 21 at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Naypyitaw.

He also said that the project was implemented after facing difficulties because the current Yangon international airport runway could not be expanded because of space restraints.

The President’s Office issued a press release which said Union Minister Thant Sin Maung had briefed the meeting on the work needed to be done to build a new world-class international airport.

The Vice-President said at the meeting work needed for the airport project included transport and communication, water and sanitation, adequate electricity supply, communication networks, and there location of people living in the project area.

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