Village chief attacked in Buthidaung in Rakhine

10 August 2017
Village chief attacked in Buthidaung in Rakhine

Masked attackers assaulted the Kyaungtaung Village chief in Buthidaung Township in Rakhine State with swords, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor Office.
On Monday afternoon, the village chief Mamauk Sawlain, aged 38, was attacked by villager Arr Li Gyuhak and ten masked people with swords while the village chief was holding a meeting with the 100-household chiefs of Kyaungtaung and Sar Kaing villages regarding the security of the villages at a tea shop in Sar Kaing village.
The village chief was injured and taken to the Buthidaung Hospital
Local security forces are looking to arrest the assailants, according to the Information Committee.