Wa and Myanmar Army reach agreement

19 June 2015
Wa and Myanmar Army reach agreement
Photo: Youtube

The United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the Myanmar Army yesterday reached a mutually beneficial agreement after a 15-day stand-off over the Myanmar Army’s seizure on 2 June of timber felled by the UWSA in Mongton township according to sources quoted by Shan Herald Agency for News on 18 June.
The UWSA agreed to pay a hefty fine exacted by the forestry department. “They also agreed to purchase the timber that they had logged,” said a local source.
“The Myanmar Army, in return, agreed to free the 6 Chinese nationals detained at the logging site (in Mong Khid village tract, east of the township seat),” said a Shan villager close to the UWSA. No details however were given as to the amount paid by the UWSA.
In the meanwhile, a source close to the Wa said both sides have withdrawn their troops out of the disputed area. “Traffic and life have returned to normal,” he added.