We will always speak the truth: DVB’s Executive Director

09 September 2017
We will always speak the truth: DVB’s Executive Director
Aye Chan Naing. Photo: Subir Bhaumik

"Come what may, regardless of who likes us or not, we will report the truth," Aye Chan Naing, executive director of the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) said on Saturday.
Speaking to Mizzima on the sidelines of the celebrations of DVB's 25 years of public service broadcasting at Yangon's Park Royal Hotel, Aye Chan Naing said DVB has successfully transformed itself from an exile media reporting Myanmar from a distance.
"We are now here in Myanmar, not far away and dependent on our own network of sources but with little option to confirm a story," Aye Chan Naing said.
He said DVB's roots in the pro-democracy movement and its natural affinity to a democratically elected government did not mean a freeze on being critical of its performance.
"I know some would give the logic that we must back and ensure the survival of the democratically elected government, but having evolved into a public service broadcaster, it is our job to be truthful," Aye Chan Naing said.
He said the cause of Burmese democracy would be far better served by being accurate, impartial and providing quality journalism rather than by self-censorship, Aye Chan Naing said.
"That is what we will do now. We have friends in government, but if we are good friends, we have to be critical on failures and appreciative of success," said Aye Chan Naing.

Harald Bockman. Photo: Subir Bhaumik
"DVB's real test begins now," said Harald Bockman, former DVB Board chairman. "It has very successfully transformed itself from an activist media into a public service broadcaster and it was now time to prove they will live by those principles."
Mr Bockman referred to the 'inevitable dilemma' of such an organisation that grows out of a movement for democracy.
'When democracy returns and their friends are in government, it is really a challenge to stick to the principles," he said.
"It has been fantastic working for DVB for seventeen years now," said Aye Aye Mon, an editor at DVB. "It is great to be back in Myanmar and to be able to broadcast from here and check out all stories directly."

Aye Aye Mon. Photo: Subir Bhaumik